Joomla Hacking Solving and Website Maintenance

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First of all, we feel very sorry if your website is hacked.

Breaking into computer systems for malicious intent is nothing new. After hacked by malicious hackers, you may lose important data as client and billing information and even your website content.

We helps clients solve hacking problem and secure websites. Our server administrators could help you out of security problems and keep your websites updated with latest security technologies.

What will you lose if you have website hacked?

Malicious hackers may change the content of your website directly after the site is compromised. You will lose the content forever unless you have a backup of it. This is the minimum lose you will suffer.

What's worse, there are increased risks of website information disclosed/leaked, including the potential risks of disclosing website access information and user data, or even billing information if the site is for e-commerce. Once the hacker gets the website access information, the whole website can be ruined or planted with malicious software/codes, which will cause the site not accessible by normal visitors, or to be blacklisted by search engines such as Google.

Step-by-step site repair

If unfortunately your website is hacked, we normally follow the standard steps below to help you repair your site and make it back up line as it was.

  1. Try to identify the IP address that attacked your site
  2. Log into cPanel and report suspicious IP addresses
  3. Enable log archiving in cPanel
  4. Take your website offline
  5. Notify your web hosting company
  6. All site administrators do antivirus, antispyware scans on their computers
  7. Change all passwords: cPanel, FTP, database, email
  8. Upgrade all third party scripts to latest versions
  9. Examine your PHP or ASP.NET code for security holes
  10. Find and repair all malicious changes on site
  11. Make sure your file and folder permissions are secured
  12. Change all your passwords again
  13. Make the site back on line

After repairing the site, what can we help next to protect it?

Fixing the site is just the first stage. After that we can help you more to secure your site better to prevent such kinds of hacking appears again.

  1. Upgrade your CMS or website system core
  2. Upgrade your website extensions to latest versions and install security plugins
  3. Block suspicious activities with .htacces
  4. Back up your website and build up SVN (subversion) in your server (only available for VPS or dedicated servers) to keep track of any code changes of the site

What can we do to maintain your website?

We gets very professional SA (system administrator) who can take care of your server better than anyone else. Our SA can build up regular backups for the site and set hacking alerts to inform clients if the site is under risks of being attacked. SA can do the work below (listed but not limited):

  1. Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with server systems
  2. Maintaining your server to make sure it works efficiently
  3. Installing functional extensions to your server to support new functions of your website
  4. Optimising server and database performance
  5. Performing routine audits of systems and software
  6. Performing backups
  7. Troubleshooting any reported problem

If you are experiencing website hacking problems, please fill in and submit the form that you see on the right hand side of this page. We will review the completed form and contact you to discuss the specifications.

Let our trusted team help you sleep at night knowing that your website is safe as can be.

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